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Professional Residential Cleaning Services
We do not offer 1 or 1.5-hour cleanings. All services start at a minimum of 2 hours for complete customer satisfaction. 

Our service page has been designed to inform you about the services we offer. Please find our 3 housekeeping packages (light, deep, and premium) for information on quotes please call us at 873-688-1622.

We do not give quotes over the phone. All appointments must be made through our FREE consultation program where we have one of our representatives evaluate your home.

Please see current promotions below to enjoy extra discounts on your service. 

Light Clean  (Approximately 2 hours) 

Our light clean is recommended for customers that are ongoing clients. If you have never received a cleaning with us and it is your first time booking we do not recommend a light cleaning. Light cleaning is designated for customers who have had a deep clean or regular home cleaning in the past.

  • A light cleaning includes dusting (objects etc), major surface cleaning of counter-tops, window cleaning (inside only), floors + heavy baseboard maintenance, vacuuming, light washroom cleaning and garbage removal. If you have not received a cleaning from a professional cleaning company in the last 2 months, we recommend a deep clean that will get the job done.   

Deep Clean  (Approximately 4 hours) 

If it is your very first time using our service it is highly recommended that you book a consultation to determine the condition of your home prior to making an appointment with us. A deep cleaning in a one-time cleaning that focuses on major areas that have not been cleaned in over 2 months or more. Often it is homes that do not receive regular maintenance that require more attention. Our deep clean includes: 

  • major appliance cleaning (inside and outside of fridge, stove, and oven). The washrooms (toilet and shower + sink inside and out). The floors with light baseboard maintenance (vacuuming, dusting,  and mopping all closet areas); light window cleaning, surface cleaning of countertops, dusting, and cleaning of picture frames, reachable light fixtures, cupboards (outside only); and garbage removal.  

Our Premium Master Clean (Approximately 6-8 hours) 

For those of you who need a premium service which includes housekeeping above and beyond then our premium service is for you. This is an all-day full service. 

  • You will receive deep cleaning services (please see full list above) with the options of having interior cupboards cleaned above and below sinks, along with cleaning of behind appliances (fridge, stove, and dishwasher with a complete cleaning of inside appliances). This cleaning is a fresh interior renewal where our housekeepers go above and beyond to focus on giving you a premium service to remember.  A fresh new shower curtain on us plus a 15% discount off your next booked cleaning at the time of booking. Book a full ongoing light cleaning service with us and receive 15% off all your consecutive cleanings. 

When shopping around for cleaning services keep in mind that budget is not the only concern. The quality of work and time put into your home will ensure a well-done job. Our service goes above and beyond for customers to ensure they are getting what they ask for. We have set guidelines based on previous professional experience and have found that by taking our time to give you an outstanding service is what we strive to achieve. 

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  • Book 10 or more cleanings within 3 months with us and get the 50% OFF your 11th cleaning. All booking must be done in advance at the time of booking. 
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